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Tired of feeling stuck, overlooked and underpaid?

You're in the right place.

Branding Night School is an 8-week intimate training crafted for professionals looking to turn their workplace skills and expertise into a profitable, impactful business.  

This program will SELL OUT! 

Are you ready to become the next overnight success?

Brand by Night. Rule by Day. 

Let me show you how to take your skills from the workplace to the marketplace.


Let's be honest...


You are a superhero. As professionals, parents, business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, executives, and everything in between, you spend your day devoted to helping to better the lives of those around you.

As you reflect, at the end of the day, you realize that something is missing -- that you haven't given any time to developing yourself or pursuing your closest held dreams and visions.


You've finally reached the point in your career where you're tired of feeling stuck, overlooked and underpaid for all that you bring to the table.


Have you ever stopped to think about what would happen if you took the time to intentionally invest making your dreams a reality?



You know that on most occasions, you are the most qualified person in the room. People seek you for counsel because you KNOW your stuff! Your story and experience is powerful, but you aren't able to share it at a level that impacts change. 


You have great ideas, but you don't have a clear plan on how to implement. That means you are like most visionaries. You need helping on figuring out "what to do" and "how to start." In your heart you know that you are a valuable asset but you are underpaid and undervalued for the amount of work that you do.


I firmly believe that the world needs what only you can provide. Your opportunity may be locked in those frustrating thoughts that tell you "you waited too long to start," "you're not good enough," or that "you've failed so much before". Let me be the first to say, it's never too late to pursue what you were created to accomplish.

Branding Night School was created for visionary professionals just like you.


As the first program of its kind, in just 8-weeks you'll eliminate the overwhelm and learn how to effectively use branding to turn your skills and expertise into a profitable business.


You will meet weekly in a small online cohort, after-hours, to work in-depth through a structured framework that takes your skills from the workplace to the marketplace, and positions you for accelerated opportunities and increased income and impact.

This high-level, live training program is for serious working professionals, new, aspiring and growing entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, coaches, ministers, teachers, leaders and those looking to maximize their income and impact, while managing their time...QUICKLY.




  • You were "meant to do more" but you don't know "what" it is you want to do.

  • Despite achievements in your career and family, you still feel like something is missing.

  • You are overlooked, underpaid, overworked or overwhelmed in your current job.

  • You are constantly waiting for someone to "discover you" and give you an opportunity to shine.

  • You have countless ideas floating through your head but you don't know which one would be a viable business.

  • You are stuck and don't know where to start.

  • You should have "figured out" this part of your life by now.

  • The person you want to become does not match with the person you see today. 

  • You have great expertise and opinions, but you are not valued or taken seriously by others. 

  • You feel restricted by your job, managers and work environment and unable to use ALL of your gifts. 

  • Turn the skills and expertise you use everyday into a profitable additional stream of income for you and your family.

  • Position yourself as an industry expert, increase your earning potential and stop people from "picking your brain" for free. 

  • Have the strategy as well as the confidence to go after opportunities that increase your position, income and impact.

  • Accelerate both your business and career opportunities, simultaneously. 

  • Impact the lives of others by sharing your personal story, skills and ideas with others as a sought-after expert.

  • Strategically attract greater income, clients, revenue and opportunity from a straight-forward, no-nonsense coach.

  • Gain clarity on how to align with your purpose and maximize your income and influence. 

  • Launch or grow a service offering that is packaged in a way that attracts premium clients. 

Are you ready to experience acceleration and clarity in your life and business in 2020?

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It's time to stop struggling alone. Get comprehensive brand and business coaching from the comfort of your own home.


Branding Night School Is For You If ...



Theresa Dennis 

Founder, Fierce & Refined

“Being able to articulate who I am, and what I’ve done/am doing has helped me to get a clear understanding of where I am going with my business structure.


Christina played a major role. Who knew working with Christina could propel me into my next. She helped me realize that  purpose is not passive. My life requires action in order for me to experience the world shaking shift needed to have an impact. I now have a clear framework to build upon to concisely explain my accomplishments and services to attract new clients. 


I’ve secured three speaking engagements, launched Own Your Slay University and have a collaboration with a beauty vendor this coming fall.”


With You in Mind

Step-by-step instruction that gives you all that you need to turn your dream into a reality.

I'm Christina Joy Whittaker, your brand strategist and business coach. I crafted Branding Night School as an intimate, safe-space for accomplished professional women who need a fresh new perspective.


Branding is in my DNA, I consider it my superpower.  I spent more than 10 years as a sought-after communications and marketing expert for some of the largest companies in the world including The Walt Disney Company, NBA, Deloitte Consulting, and Sony, and I know how it feels to climb the corporate ladder and feel perpetually stuck and unfulfilled.


That's what fueled my passion to create Branding Night School as a leading resource for professional women seeking to leverage their skills to create increased income and impact. 

In this exclusive cohort, you can finally shed your mask and cape, and give attention to building and growing the business of your dreams.  


What's Included?

After working with countless professionals one-on-one and seeing proven-methods that work, Branding Night School consolidates tried and true frameworks and strategies into a comprehensive, mastermind experience for you. Through the program we'll cover brand definition and messaging, storytelling, monetizing your gifts, building signature offers, client attraction business planning and more.


Interactive Business and Brand Coaching

 You will gain access to live 1-on-1 as well as online guided instruction where you'll learn the steps to monetize your skills and build a profitable business. This is not a course with pre-recorded videos. We'll have weekly lessons, live Q&A sessions, assignments and group discussions that will allow you to get clear on your brand message and strategy.

Private 1-on-1


As a special bonus, you'll receive two complimentary Power Hour sessions. One to kickstart the program and one as a follow-up to make sure you stay on track with your progress.  For one hour, we will get laser- focused on setting well-informed goals, bringing clarity to your idea and focusing in preparation for both the program and business launch.


VIP Access to the 6-Part Curriculum

Branding Night School frameworks were crafted to bring you clarity and to get you quick strategic results. After each training session, you'll have access to assignments, resources and our live video trainings. You'll get the official materials, pitch scripts, guides, income roadmaps, checklists templates and nearly 10+ hours of high-level training. 

Business Launch Accelerator Plan

During Branding Night School you will create a full brand strategy for your signature offer as well as custom launch (or growth) plan. Each week, you'll receive digital assignments that will correspond with our learning modules. These downloads will become your main reference guide as we strategically piece together a profitable business plan to turn your idea into income. 


LIVE Private Learning Community 

In addition to the Branding Night School curriculum, you'll have the added benefit of learning in community inside our live private group for students only. You'll learn from and help other like-minded cohort participants as they travel on the same journey as you. Once joining Branding Night School, you will have unlimited "forever" access to the group. 


Templates, Scripts and Resources

In Branding Night School you'll be able to keep all of the learning and business resources covered in the 6 modules. You'll have access to all the official materials, scripts, email templates, guides, business plans, checklists, templates and nearly 10+ hours of high-level training and be able to reference them even after the program ends. 

Are you ready to turn your idea into income?


JR Ramsey

Warner Brothers Studios

“Christina's counsel on personal branding not only positioned me to land a full-time job at this incredible company, but it also gave me important insights that prevented me from accepting job opportunities that didn't align with my professional objectives and interests.


She guided me through an arduous job search that ended in a dream job at Warner Brothers, helped me tip-toe tricky office politics, and, most importantly, granted me a clearer understanding of my career and business objectives and personal motivations. There is zero doubt in my mind that I'm a stronger and more discerning working professional today because of the insights Christina Joy imparted upon me.”

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No Refund Policy: We decided to go green and digital in order to reduce our carbon footprint as course creators. The content is 100% digital so there are no refunds on any payment (partial or full) once you register. No exceptions. We do this for a few reasons. (1) We believe commitment and follow-though creates momentum. We've found that people who don't have the option to back out of their commitments get better results. Go figure! This is an accountability program. (2) Our digital delivery enables us to help you move forward and get started on your goals quickly (like right away!) without waiting on snail mail. If you're unable to participate in Branding Night School, you are able to transfer your registration (on your own) to another person of your choosing, however, you are not able to receive a credit or transfer your payments to another program. So - if you're committed, register. If you're not committed to changing your life and business, you can enroll - but there are still no refunds! :)