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At Pivot Brand Group, we bring clarity to your career journey and position you to get noticed for your dream role.

Working professionals call us when they need to make a career change that counts, but are struggling to figure out the next step. We guide you on a path that brings clarity to your difficult decisions and unlocks your ability to confidently pivot and strategize into your next level. Be prepared, it may happen in a way that you always dreamed about, but never truly thought possible. Our clients have seen results that have gotten them dream jobs, gave them the courage to build business, increase salaries and to excel in their current roles.  Now we want to help you do the same.

Brand me intensive

This 5 week intensive is perfect for you if you are ready to upgrade your career brand by 2020.


Clients who select this option typically feel:

OVERLOOKED and undervalued despite your hard work and dedication in your role.

FRUSTRATED that you can’t figure out what to do next in your life, much less, how to get there


CONFUSED at why you submit endless job applications, but your resume is not selected 


OVERWHELMED with how to stand out in a competitive, quickly changing environment​




at a glance

Week 1: Define And Clarify Your Vision

When you're unfulfilled in your role, it's difficult to clearly identify why you feel stuck. Many times, you don't even know what you want to do, you just know that a change needs to occur. That's enough for us to get started.


We kick off the intensive by getting crystal clear on your ideal vision and assessing your skills and strengths. After taking a comprehensive assessment that will highlight your key strengths and motivations,  we'll take a deep dive in defining how you want to be known in the workplace. We'll set your non-negotiable core values and begin to create a compelling story that bridges your past experience with your future goal to create a tailored value proposition that you can own in whatever career you choose. 

Week 2: Create Your Power Pivot Story

"Your brand is what people say about you when you aren't in the room." As an experienced professional, it's easy to believe that your good work and dedicated time are enough to make you stand out. Good work alone will not get you noticed or promoted. Using our signature Pivot Story framework, you will learn how to take ownership of your career story and strategically begin to shape the direction to one that aligns directly with your future goals. We'll take audit of how your brand is currently viewed by others and 

Week 3: Catalyst Mapping Part 1 - Visual Branding and Strategic Opportunities

A strong opens several In the competitive market for good talent, recruiters today are looking proactively to source potential candidates for in-demand roles. Without a strong online visual identify, you could be missing out on your dream role. Strategic visual branding allows you to attract your dream offer, not chase it. During this session we will focus on leveraging visual branding to create opportunity. We will  look at your resume, cover letter and your online social media profiles. We'll develop a targeted LinkedIn strategy and profile that will make you an irresistible candidate. 


Week 4: Catalyst Mapping Part 2 - Strategic Networking and Executive Presence

What good is standing out if it's in the wrong room surrounded by the wrong people? Strategic networking is key to upgrading your career. Who you know and having the right people speak on your behalf gives you a competitive edge while you're upgrading your career. You will learn how to strategically build impactful connections with decision makers and. what recruiters and decision makers look for in a candidates profile and demeanor.We'll walk through results-driven tactics to position yourself with the right people that has helped to land our clients jobs at some of the prestigious companies institutions. During this week we will focus on strategic networking and executive presence. 

Week 5: Putting It All Together - Interview Preparation And Application Strategy

With your brand story, resume, online profiles, cover letter and networking strategy in place, the final package is almost complete. In the final we will cover how to communicate your value and brand in interviews as well as share with you industry-leading tips to getting your resume chosen from a sea of applicants. 

You'll Leave With

✔ Strategic decision support
✔ Weekly accountability check-ins

✔ Catalyst career map
✔ Personal mission statement
✔ Unique brand story, skill and value proposition
✔ Access for regular support email questions

✔ Resume, LinkedIn and Online audit
✔ Interview preparation
✔ Leadership and executive presence development
✔ Career promotion pathing
✔ Business strategy

Successful professionals and entrepreneurs understand the value of aligned messaging and strategy.  

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If you find yourself at any type of intersection in your career and your life where you need to make decisions or adjust to recent changes, you may benefit from having an objective expert help you navigate the shifts you are experiencing. Instead of fighting the experience, you can strategically engage with it and create a results-driven strategy that allows you to increase your income and impact.


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