A high-caliber, one-on-one coaching program specifically designed for professional women looking to craft their brand story and develop a premium signature offer. Over the course of 6-8 weeks, you will get access to my behind-the-scenes, benchmark strategic frameworks that remove the overwhelm typically experienced when launching an in-demand personal brand and signature offer.




Your message has immense power. Establishing not just a personal brand, but a Pivot Brand, sets the foundation for you to strategically package your voice to create wealth and flexibility in your life and career as you unlock change in the lives of those craving to hear your message.


Your brand is the tangible form of your voice that enables your message to elevate your income and expand your influence.


You’ll learn step-by-step what it takes to build a a strong foundation so your impact can be felt for years to come.




This accelerator is reserved for those who are serious about launching a powerful brand quickly, strategically, AND wants the comprehensive "done-with-you solution".


You'll receive eight to twelve weekly, one-on-one online coaching and strategy development sessions paired with homework assignments that will result in a polished personal brand and signature offer launch. This is not group coaching! We'll completely focus on developing tailored solutions for your signature offer.


The more effort you put in, the more you'll get out! My goal is coach you on how to build a sustainable personal brand and offer, as well as maintain it for the long-run.



  • Ready-to-sell premium, signature offer using your personal story and expertise.

  • Clarity on your big "why" and defined profiles for your desired audience.

  • Communication and brand strategy that strategically aligns and positions you as a sought-after thought leader (spanning for the next 12-months).

  • Tailored launch and content strategies that impact and provide value to your desired audience and positions you on the right platforms, in the right room and around the right people.

  • Resources, systems and best practices to make sound and sustainable business decisions.

  • Revenue building opportunities that leverage core message into multiple streams of income.

Successful professionals and entrepreneurs understand the value of aligned messaging and strategy.  

Are you a good candidate for 1-on-1 coaching?


If you find yourself at any type of intersection in your career and your life where you need to make decisions or adjust to recent changes, you may benefit from having an objective expert help you navigate the shifts you are experiencing. Instead of fighting the experience, you can strategically engage with it and create a results-driven strategy that allows you to increase your income and impact.


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