Chances are we've crossed paths because it's time for you to shift to a new level by sharing your unique message with the world. Did I get that right? That's typically what I encounter on a regular basis...and for good reason.



My passion is to help accomplished professionals, just like you, to build profitable brands and signature offers that grow your income and impact in career and business. What does that mean exactly? In short, I love helping professionals and entrepreneurs (especially those of faith), make money and change lives by sharing their stories and expertise.

I know that you are here by design and I look forward to starting this journey with you.

My advice? Get ready! Clarity and acceleration tends to come soon after we work together. I'm excited for your journey ahead!


Brand audit

Get Unstuck, Fast! 

A personal brand audit is a detailed analysis that shows how your brand is currently performing compared to your desired outcomes.


We'll take a look at your the following components:

  • Overall online and offline presence

  • Social Media Presence

  • LinkedIn Presence


The session's purpose is to identify areas of improvement and highlight high impact areas that can be adjusted to better meet your personal goals.


This is ideal for anyone who is:

  • Small business owner who needs help identifying blind spots on why they aren't generating income.

  • Career professionals who are being overlooked or are unable to get promoted.

  • Professionals who are interested in launching a side-business and want to quickly discuss their idea.



The Power Hour is a, private one-on-one consulting call with Christina Joy Whittaker. For one hour, we will get laser-focused on bringing clarity to your idea and crafting some “quick-win” actionable next steps. During this strategy session you are able to address any topic of your choice that may be presenting a challenge or opportunity in life and business.  

Getting Started:

Well-informed goal setting is a major key to the success of this session. Before meeting, you will be required to complete a brand audit geared to bring greater depth and clarity to your roadblocks and, will help inform the path going forward. Christina will review this audit prior to our strategy session.


Getting Unstuck:

All power-hour sessions are virtual, and you will receive recorded audio or video copy of your session to reference and replay. Our session will be filled with several “Aha” moments and sometimes, it’s hard to write them all down! We will prioritize what’s most important to get you unstuck with greater purpose and clarity.


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Successful professionals and entrepreneurs understand the value of aligned messaging and strategy.  

Are you a good candidate for coaching?


If you find yourself at any type of intersection in your career and your life where you need to make decisions or adjust to recent changes, you may benefit from having an objective expert help you navigate the shifts you are experiencing. Instead of fighting the experience, you can strategically engage with it and create a results-driven strategy that allows you to increase your income and impact.